Passion, culture and art are the key words of BOTTEGA 23, a brand of luxury footwear for women, rigorously Made in Italy, which over the years has been able to conquer a national and international market, thanks to its extraordinary ability to study shapes and lines and using, for the production of its collections, only and exclusively raw materials of excellent quality.

The women's shoes that Bottega 23 makes in every season always get extraordinary attention from buyers and the public for their innovative shapes, attention to detail and the marked ability to distinguish themselves for class and elegance.

The success of BOTTEGA 23 is the result of a deep knowledge of Francesca and Tiziana, two young entrepreneurs who have been able, with courage and determination, to put their experience in the footwear sector to good use.

Their collections of women's shoes in every season reveal a delicate classicism and elegance, without ever giving up the comfort that every woman wants to have in a classy and luxury shoe.

BOTTEGA 23 explores, researches and experiments with different shapes and materials to offer a product of excellence that goes beyond a traditional women's shoe.

Buying BOTTEGA 23 designer shoes means not only guaranteeing a very high quality product, but choosing a lifestyle for those who don't want to give up elegance and love to stand out for luxury and design.

The attention that BOTTEGA 23 dedicates to the attention to detail and to the exaltation of style and design in the production of their luxury shoes has become, over the years, their icon of distinction and an unmistakable signature among the most important. luxury women's footwear brand on the international scene.

The shoes made by BOTTEGA 23 are a real "must have" for all those women who do not want to give up elegance and that touch of originality that with their savoir fair release all the most wonderful femininity that every woman cherishes with intimate passion.

BOTTEGA 23 represents a true “unconventional charm” among the most interesting Made in Italy brands currently present in the market.

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